I think I will have more time to write my journals now. Since my current job only require me to be in the office 5 hrs a day and do absolutely NOTHING.

I think I can keep on like this for another 2 months or so, after that I might get so bored and start plucking all my hair out eventually................seriously I feel so unproductive everyday. But I shouldn't complain, because I don't have any stress, except for the stress of having nothing to do.

Well, it's the year 2014 already. Time flies. I still remember the times during 2000 and my life was so much different back then. I guess because my health was much better and I was so creative and energetic all the time. Now? Sigh........I should be thankful for not being sick all the time and that's the most I can ask for.

Lately there's been so many unfortunately news all around the world. I feel a bit hopeless in this world. Is there going to be a future for us? I highly doubt it. Future doesn't seem promising and I finally realize that. I guess when I was younger I refuse to look at reality and just stayed within my dream. Now I think I should wake up from my dream. The price for growing up is painful, and is it even worth it?
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Wow Wow Wow
It's been so long since I last updated.........I'm so sorry for not updating I missed my journal so much. T_T I'm back in the State now, my Korea trip was over since 5 months ago. Now I need to focus on saving money and repaying money back to my families. I want to practice my Korean skill more maybe I will start writing in Korean here next time. Until then, stay well and healthy because that's the most important thing for everyone in life!!! ^_~
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It's been almost 2 years again and I haven't update!! OMG shame on me shame on me. O__O BTW I'm in Korea now hehe. ^^
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でも自分が、怖いのせいかも知れないか。 何を怖がってるの? たぶん自分の未来か。
# by yumababy | 2011-08-01 07:02
It's been a while since I remembered my dream
Today was a very relaxing day for me.

I had lunch with my friend, then I went to target/ross to shop around for stuff. Then i did my laundry and finally, went to the park and walked for an hour and came home.

I didn't do much but i also didn't waste any time.

I wish everyday can be the same. :)
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B2st in the Cube!~ <333
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